Special Calling All Healers Event

Coping with Grief & Loss During the Holidays 

With all of its wonderful and joyous experiences, the holiday season is also one of the most challenging times of the year. Grief and sadness are likely to impact you or someone you know. This session is designed to provide tools to support you and those you love

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Join us for and evening of healing, prayer, and soul-centered connections.


Expert Panel  

Coping with Grief & Loss During the Holidays 

We are grateful to have this heart-centered and gifted team of experts with us to guide in practices and resources for coping with grief and loss during the holidays.

Jean Andress
Kate Petree
Yolanda Heath
Kyla Unick

Calling All Healers - Sharing is Caring

 Join us for an evening of healing, prayer and soul-centered connections. 


 The Time Is Now - We All Need Healing & We Need Your Healing to Help Heal the World

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Tuesday, December 5th

8pm to 9:30 pm ET
7pm to 8:30pm CT
5pm to 6:30 pm PT

Join Us for this Evening of Increased Healing for Ourselves So That We Can Increase the Healing in the World  

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Calling All Healers ... Yes, That's YOU! 

You are no doubt aware of the challenges, despair and difficulties that millions of people are experiencing and perhaps, you're experiencing some of this as well.

You are a gifted healer and we are inviting you to join us in taking ownership of the part we can all play in bringing more peace, love and light into the world. 

Join Us for the Calling All Healers Event

Tuesday, December 5th

at 8pm EDT